Dry cough is one of the most common symptoms, and also one of the most “battled” ones. In fact, all of us are quite bothered by the coughing sound.

Dry cough is a defence mechanism put in place by our organism to clean our bronchial tubes from foreign substances. In fact, we have all experienced to cough after inhaling some dust accidentally!
This mechanism gets started because we have a lot of “alarm buttons” scattered along our bronchial tubes, trachea, laryinx and pharyinx.
The act of coughing consists of many phases: deep inspiration, glottis closure, muscular contraction, expelling expiration.
A cough becomes worrying when it’s been lasting for days, in this case we’d better ask a medician.
My purpose here is to look at cough not like an enemy to fight. I wish to suggest you some ways to soothe a dry cough in a natural way.



A dry cough gets worse in dry environments because our respiratory mucosas are irritated by the lack of humidity.
So let’s get ourselves a humidifier, then add some drops of essential oil, helpful to relieve the inflammation of our mucosas and decrease an eventual bacterial charge.


Mallow (Malva sylvestris) is a plant rich in mucilages. Drinking a cup of mallow tisane has two advantages: hydrating mucosas and soothing the inflammation in action.
With a dry cough it’s very important to drink a lot, indeed. And if we drink something warm, the benefit is still bigger.
We can obtain the best efficacy by preparing an infusion with a teaspoon of mallow flowers per cup, and drink it several times a day.
If we have little time, we can also use a filter tisana, possibly of biological origin.


Snail syrup is extremely effective for a dry cough. I realize it may seem “disgusting”, but it’s always well flavoured, and once you’ve tested its efficacy, you’ll have to change your mind!
Snail drool helps rebuild an irritated mucosa which got damaged after continuous coughing.
We can find many snail syrups on sale: the ideal ones for children must contain no additives nor essential oils.
We can take a spoon (or a teaspoon the children) 3-4 times a day.
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our cough improves by holding our chest

Bryonia is the ideal remedy for a dry and painful cough. When coughing we feel pain in our chest and we instinctively keep our hands on our rib cage to compress it. This kind of coughing gets worse with movement (it’s typical of children who cough badly after running).
Bryonia shows all the beauty of homeopatic remedies thanks to its complete action. In fact, it also cures the urinary incontinence due to coughing.
We can take Bryonia 9CH, 5 granules 3 times a day. If our cough attacks give us no rest, we can pass to 5 granules every half an hour, until improvements.



our cough worsens by inhaling cold air

Rumex crispus is indicated for a dry cough that eventually worsens by inhaling cold air.
We feel the need to cover our mouth with a scarf because some cold air makes us cough again.
Like Bryonia, also Rumex crispus helps in case of urinary incontinence due to coughing.
I would suggest to take Rumex crispus 9CH, 5 granules 3 times a day or even more, according to cough intensity.




Spongia tosta is a suitable remedy for a dry cough which becomes noisy like a “saw on wood”. Very useful for acute laryingitis.
Naturally, if a child suffers from laryingospasms, it’s always advisable to ask a pediatrician. However, if a child tends to develop this kind of coughing and he’s showing the very first symptoms, or we’re even just afraid that it may be that case, we can give him Spongia tosta 5CH, 5 granules every 5 minutes. This trial my be resolving.
However, in these cases it’s really necessary to keep to a medician’s instructions.



our cough provokes retching

Ipecacuanha is indicated for a dry and spasmodic coughing that makes our face violet and may also provoke retching.
Considering its properties, it’s helpful also for whooping cough and similar forms.
We can take Ipeca 9CH, 5 granulus according to the rythm of our cough attacks. When it gets better, we can pass to 5 granules 3 times a day.


Hyoscyamus niger is the typical remedy for a cough that starts by laying down and improves by sitting.
We can take Hyoscyamus niger 9CH, 5 granules before going to bed and anytime we wake up coughing.


Drosera is indicated for a dry cough that suggests there’s also a little phlegm to detach.
We may have cough attacks which leave us blue in the face, we have a feeling that the air cannot come out, and our cough often worsens at night.
It’s the case of a child who goes to bed quietly and suddenly wakes up coughing after midnight.
I would suggest Drosera 9CH, 5 granules 3 times a day and during the attacks.
Or Drosera 30CH for a whooping cough, or a cough that’s been lasting for long already.


Drosera is decisively a “plant for cough”, as we can use it both in a homeopathic form and in a herbal form.

Drosera is a carnivorous plant that attracts insects with its lucid appearance, it seems covered with dew. Actually, this liquid is sticky and holds the insects, which are then digested by the leaves.

Drosera is a really effective natural remedy for a dry cough. It can soothe a cough by stopping the muscular spasms of our bronchial tubes, besides disinfecting eventual phlegm that may be present.

We can take Drosera Mother Tincture, 20 drops 3 times a day.


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