Menopause is a physiological stage of a woman’s life. It normally occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, but also sooner or later. It starts with irregular cycles, until they disappear completely. We can talk about menopause when a year has passed without menstruation at all. Menopause can be emotionally difficult, because it calls into question attributes and capabilities that have been part of a woman’s identity so far. It forces to a change, and this can be annoying. A woman needs to recognize her new self, to start a different stage of her life which is full of potential: not better nor worse, just different. After being a mother and an educator, a woman has much more time for herself and the couple. Menopause opens a new path that a woman can go down to discover new and enriching worlds that she previously ignored. Also sexual life can be lived to the fullest without risks.

Sooner or later, a menopausal woman will ask herself if she’s still desirable and important. This kind of self-devaluation may turn into osteoporosis on a biological level. Also the famous hot flushes may find an explanation under these terms. A hot flush causes a temporary increase of temperature. We would like to undress, so -unconsciously- we wish to attract attention. Besides, also physical changes may have an unconscious biological origin to make us more attractive. Primitive men liked women with large hips. So our body keeps reshaping, although we don’t live in caves anymore! These are just some of the factors that may transform a normal stage of our life into a disease. First of all, it’s necessary to understand that menopause represents a passage from procreating to creating. In fact, by this time our sons are normally old enough to be autonomous, so our free time increases. And we should have become wise enough to choose what we like.

The homeopathic remedies that I suggest you here simply aim at alleviating some of the symptoms that may “poison” this new stage of life. They are friends that hold our hand and help us overcome the first difficult moments. Then it will be our turn, “wise” women, to find the right balance and awareness.

Menopause: homeopathy helps


Menopause: a woman changes, homeopathy helps her

Sepia is a great remedy when a menopausal woman loses her vitality.

Before menopause she was kind and quiet, now she’s very irritable, unable to show her affection to the family members.
She doesn’t want to meet friends and she shows no interest for the daily activities.
This woman is in dark place, as if her reality was obscured by ink black. She easily gets tired. She may feel heat in various parts of her body, she eventually sweats.
She has a disgust for sex. She may have a uterine prolapse too, or maybe just perceive that her uterus is dropping. Backache and hair loss may show up too.

Sepia can brighten up this woman’s horizon. I would recommend 15CH, 5 granules twice a day.


Menopause: a woman changes, homeopathy helps her

Lachesis is the right remedy for sudden hot flushes that drive a woman crazy.

This woman tends to open her dresses around her neck or waist because she feels like suffocating.
Her mood is poisonous like the bite of Lachesis snake. She may be a talker, but always with a certain irritability. She may have headaches, especially on the left. She doesn’t stand the daily routine anymore.

This delicate stage of menopause can be treated with Lachesis 15CH, 5 granules twice a day.

Amyl nitrosum

Amyl nitrosum is another remedy for sudden and violent hot flushes. Heat (and consequent sweating) especially hits the upper part of the body. Flushes may rage at the slightest emotion. Intense tachycardia may show up too. All of this can be accompanied by a severe headache and bursting head sensation.

These symptoms can be treated with Amyl nitrosum 9CH, 5 granules three times a day.


Ignatia is ideal for women with mood swings who suddenly pass from crying to laughing. They may sigh a lot because they feel something in their throat. Their headaches hurt like nails stuck in their head. Basically, a woman who needs Ignatia is anxious and depressed.

I would recommend Ignatia 30CH, 5 granules a day.


Graphites is useful when hot flushes generally occur at night. The hot sensation compels to take off the blanket. A copious sweating compels to change the underwear.
Apart from these episodes, a woman who can find comfort in Graphites is naturally sensitive to the cold, constipated and close to obesity. Uncertain and ready to cry.

She may try Graphites 15CH, 5 granules twice a day.

Sanguinaria canadiensis

Sanguinaria is the typical remedy for hot flushes that redden a woman’s face and ears. Another symptom may be congestive headache.

In these cases I would suggest Sanguinaria canadiensis 15CH, 5 granules twice a day.


Bryonia is a great help for vaginal dryness that may show up with menopause. This condition may become very frustrating for a woman, as she won’t manage to have a sexual relationship because too painful.
This is obviously a depressing situation, and depression accentuates the symptom. Besides, menopause can be accompanied by eye dryness and articular pain that also find a relief in Bryonia.

I would recommend Bryonia 9CH, 5 granules three times a day.

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