Tiredness at the end of the year is inevitable for many of us.
This period corresponds to a point of arrival of our activity. So we may feel tired before the final rush. Not to mention the tour de force of purchases, dinners and so on.
For example, I think about elementary school teachers who prepare plays and gadgets before Christmas holidays. Or secondary school teachers who make the last examinations that they will correct later on.
Many companies must close the books, make inventories, which means a huge engagement. And those who work in shops have absolutely no rest in this period!

So how can we regain our energy in a natural way?


Kali Phoshoricum

Kali Phosphoricum is a medication for tiredness, especially mental. This kind of tiredness shows up with headache, vertigo and memory disorders.
We may be so tired to find it hard to sleep. It may go better among other people, when we have fun.
It’s indicated for exhausted workers who still don’t want to renounce a dinner with friends… that night they will sleep better, indeed!
If we want to find an energetic balance capable of supporting us, even at work, we can try Kalium phosporicum 15CH 3 granules, morning and evening.
A similar use (but not identical) has Phosporicum acidum.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is a medication for excesses. Food, alcohol, smoke or even overwork.
It’s indicated for the most capable worker, who never gives up and knows how to fix situations. But, at a certain point, tiredness makes him grumpy and oversensitive.
He finds it hard to sleep, he wakes up around 3 a.m. and his mind starts working again. He may also suffer from high pressure and headache.
In these cases the recommendation is to take Nux vomica 30CH once a day.

Herbal therapy


Eleutherococcus, often referred to as Siberian ginseng, is an adaptogenic plant.
It can increase our physical resistance to environmental stresses. It improves the general efficiency of our organism to adapt it to extraordinary load conditions.
This plant has been studied a lot and its properties are scientifically proven. Just think that the soviet Olympic team made use of it at the Olympic Games of 1972 in Munich!
Actually we still can find it in some products for athletes.
So, if we must face a period of overwork, we can use Eleutherococcus Mother Tincture 50 drops, morning and early afternoon.
Or we can also take it in capsules according to the seller’s instructions.


Astragalus is a plant of the traditional Chinese medicine, often referred to as Huang qi. In Chinese this name means “tonic for Chi”, that is, stimulating for vital energy, both mental and physical.
So we can expect an increase of our resistance to tiredness and mental stress. It also increases the reaction ability of our immune system.
Like Eleutherococcus, also Astragalus is frequently used by athletes. Its action is even smarter: it purifies and regenerate the liver.
Astragalus supports us in periods of great stress and prevents the accumulation of toxins, both mental and physical.
The active part of Astragalus is the root. We can take it in capsules, water soluble sachets or Mother Tincture.


Oat is a herbal plant similar to wheat. Its fruit has nutritional features which make it unique. It’s extremely rich in minerals and B vitamins.
Besides, if consumed whole, it has a tonic function because it contains neuromuscular stimulants.
Oat is indicated in situations of great tiredness and irritability. Oat Mother Tincture is also used to stop smoking as a support to the smoker’s will.
We can take 40 drops of Oat Mother Tincture 3 times a day.

Oat cream

Oat cream for breakfast is an excellent revitalizer. In fact, oat is a well tolerated cereal and it releases energy in long times. Besides, it provides proteins.
Having breakfast this way, in periods of great tiredness, can really make a difference.
I got this recipe from Mrs Laura Silvagni, naturopath and… practical woman, in fact it’s a very quick recipe!

Tiredness at the end of the year

Gem therapy

Betula verrucosa seeds mg

Betula verrucosa glycerol macerate, I recommend seeds! It has a tonic and stimulating effect in general, but particularly on our cerebral functions.
It has an excellent effect on memory disorders and mental tiredness.
We can take 50 drops in little water every morning. Its effect is powerful, but not immediate, so it would be better to start with some advance.

Trace elements

Copper Gold Silver trace elements

Copper Gold Silver are indispensable trace elements to improve tiredness. Looking at the period we’re talking about, we may compare them to the precious gifts brought by the Three Wise Men!
These elements are present in traces in our organism and they are indispensable for its general operation.
If we find ourselves tired, bad quality sleepers, with eventually a cold sore on our lips, we can resort to trace elements.
In case of great tiredness it’s recommended to take a phial every morning under fasting conditions and keep it in mouth a few minutes before swallowing.

Bach flower remedies


Olive recharges exhausted batteries. In fact, it’s a very practical flower: I worked too much, I’m tired, I need energy so I use olive.
As I already explained in a previous article, this flower can be used pure or as a part of mixtures. If we want to use it pure, we can take 2 drops directly in our mouth 5 times a day.


Hornbeam can be used for a particular kind of tiredness of “old diesel engine”. In the morning I cannot get up, it seems impossible. Then, step by step, I gradually regain my energy, but the day after… same problem again.

Like Olive, Hornbeam can be taken pure, 2 drops directly in mouth 5 times a day, or diluted in a flower mixtures.


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